About EVIA Miami

If you look at the map of Miami from above, you'll see it's "indented". Cut into pieces, weaving land and water. These shapes formed the basis of our logo, which repeats the silhouette of the Miami coastline. And the incredible diversity and possibilities of our nature inspired us to create EVIA Miami. Enjoy with other lovers of natural beauty!
EVIA Miami is the US cosmetics company, specializing in the latest advances in facial skin care and anti-aging products
Our products include not only all our knowledge, experience and hard work, but also a sincere desire to do everything possible to meet the needs of the most demanding and sophisticated consumers of the beauty products. Our goal is the impeccable quality of our products, and we are happy when our customers confirm with their reviews that we are on the right track. Receiving positive comments, we are proud of our work, this even more motivates us to achieve new heights.
The meaning is of EVIA is the way of life.
Our tagline is Back to Nature, Feel the same!
One of our key differences is that our products are manufactured exclusively in the USA and Canada
We don't import products from other countries. Our skin care cosmetics are produced on certified equipment and meet the high requirements of regulatory authorities.
We are a family business
Since 2014
Our mission
Our mission is to help bring best nature ingredients and most effective solutions to the beauty customers. That is why we spend part of our profits on research and implementation of the latest scientific advances in facial skin care.